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Business English

Our Business English courses, run by our highly-qualified teachers, focus on improving your skills on business and professional communication. On these courses you will learn core business terminology and vocabulary in English by participating in interactive classes with group activities and interesting case-studies from real business world. We use cutting-edge technology with audio and visual aids and the expertise you and your peers bring to the classroom to enhance your learning experience and achieve success.

What Will Students Learn?

Business English is firmly established as the business world's international language. Taking our Business English course will help you progress in your current role, give you a foundation to study Business or secure the job you are aiming for.
Through focusing on key vocabulary and concepts you will develop your knowledge of business ethics, international markets, corporate structures, finance and other business subjects. You will also obtain skills for business situations such as presentations, meetings, negotiations, job interviews, conference calls and more.
These classes focus on speaking, writing and listening-skills that you need to be able to communicate in business effectively.
The course also incorporates aspects of cross-cultural and international business environments.
This course is aimed at professionals and students who wish to increase their knowledge of Business English for career or educational purposes.


Business English (Group Lesson) 48 hours
Hours      Regular (AZN)  Intensive (AZN)
09:00-17:00 109 163
19:00-21:00 129 193
Business English (Individual Lesson) 36 hours
Hours   Regular (AZN)  Intensive (AZN)
09:00-21:00 500 750



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