IELTS Preparation

About Official IELTS Exam

IELTS IDP is an international exam designed to assess the language proficiency of candidates who wish to study or work in English-language fields. In addition, government agencies, businesses or scholarships may also require this certificate. ”

Form of the program

“Candidates who wish to enroll in the training must pass IELTS Trial exam. This exam is conducted in accordance with the official IELTS exam standards, and applicants with upper-intermediate English proficiency will be present.

If your score is 4.5 to 5.5, you can start Pre-IELTS and 6+ for IELTS.

So what is the difference between IELTS and IELTS training?

By participating in the Pre-IELTS training you will be able to overcome the disadvantages of the General English database and develop grammar, vocabulary and special writing and speaking sections. In short, the student has already completed the language learning course and has only mastered the IELTS training strategy and tactics to achieve a high score.

In general, IELTS is divided into two parts, Academic and General. Academic - General, General - for work and immigration.

Pre-IELTS training is conducted in conjunction with the Academic and General, and the IELTS training separately. "

The teaching staff

“Our teachers are local teachers and each has a valid international certificate. In addition, our teachers are selected through special exams and demo lessons. More information about teachers can be found at

Note: If a student wants to learn the course himself / herself, this is a 30-minute opportunity to follow any teacher's lesson.


IELTS Preparation (Group Lesson) 48 hours
Hours      Regular (AZN)   Intensive (AZN)
09:00-11:00 119 178
11:00-13:00 129 193
13:00-15:00 99 148
15:00-17:00 139 208
17:00-19:00 109 163
19:00-21:00 149 223
IELTS Preparation (Individual Lesson) 36 hours
Hours   Regular (AZN)    Intensive (AZN)
09:00-17:00 720 1080
17:00-21:00 900 1350


Note: Before registering course we define your English level via IELTS Trial Exam 

«IELTS Trial exam is paid and costs 39 AZN (online is 49 AZN (10 AZN for banking services)). In addition, we would like to inform you that a candidate for IELTS Trial exam is offered an investment card of AZN 39. 24 AZN out of the last 39 months will be deducted from the last month of service and 15 AZN at the official IELTS. The card can also be donated to another person and the validity period is 3 months. The investment card is also suitable for all the language trainings.