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Online SAT prep. in USA

The SAT (Scholastic Assessment Test) is a standardised test for college admissions in the USA. The SAT exam evaluates a candidate’s readiness for college and his/her knowledge in the area of mathematics, critical reasoning and writing in English.

Our SAT comprehensive preparation course covers all areas of knowledge that are tested in the SAT exam:

  • Overview of SAT exam and how to improve your test taking techniques.

  • Fundamentals in arithmetic, algebra, geometry.

  • Critical reasoning and SAT vocabulary.

About the SAT Exam

What is the SAT test comprised of and how long is it?

  • There are three areas on the SAT: Critical Reading, Writing, Mathematics.

  • Ten sections, each focusing on one of the areas.

  • In total the test takes three hours to complete.

  • Total number of questions: 159

  • Maximum score: 1600.

  • Recommended level: B2.

About course: 

  • Lesson Type- Group 

  • The number of student for each group - 6-7 

  • 8 Week Course

  • Conveniently meets on Saturdays from 8pm – 12:00pm (10 minutes break)

  • Total of 28 Hours of Instruction

  • 7 – 8 Hours of homework each week

  • Each lesson - 4 hours

(Suggested Break 1: 10-minute break 2 hours after the start)

(Suggested Break 2: 5-minute break 3 hours after the start)

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